Agricultural and Agribusiness Industry Team

The Agribusiness team of attorneys at Smith Haughey has a long history of representing individuals and businesses engaged in all manner of agricultural operations in Michigan. We serve a wide variety of clients, including local farmers, international distributors, food processors, supermarkets, dairies, vineyards, agricultural trade associations, agricultural research institutions, and more.

With offices in some of the agricultural hotspots of Michigan, and an attorney team that includes an agricultural economist, biologist, and small farm owner, Smith Haughey is uniquely qualified to help agribusinesses thrive. We offer clients a comprehensive, one-stop solution for all their legal needs.

Our clients rely on us for knowledgeable, proactive counsel on ever-changing regulatory matters, including environmental, labor and employment, product labeling, product recalls, food liability issues, land use, water and mineral rights, and interstate transportation.

The agribusiness team consists of lawyers who help clients with general business issues such as financing, corporate entity formation, lease and contract preparation, estate and tax planning, worker's compensation, government relations, e-commerce, insurance coverage, and litigation. We are well equipped to assist every level of agribusiness operation, from small farmers who are facing more sophisticated legal issues than ever before, to corporations that wrestle with the complexities of international distribution.

Our agribusiness attorneys are also called upon to help family farms and vineyards launch agri-tourism (or value-added agriculture) operations. Whether a farmer wants to offer a corn maze in the fall or a vineyard owner seeks a liquor license for an on-site tasting room, we have the experience and insight to smooth the way.

We are also pleased to assist farmers and other landowners with another emerging business issue: the granting of their wind and solar rights to third parties. Our Renewable Energy Team has provided invaluable counsel to land owners venturing into this arena.

We are an accessible, efficient, economical legal resource for the agricultural community.

Name Title Office Phone VCard Email
Thomas W. Aycock Attorney Grand Rapids 616.458.8391
George F. Bearup Attorney Traverse City 231.486.4510
Charles F. Behler Of Counsel Grand Rapids 616.458.6245
Andrew J. Blodgett Attorney Traverse City 231.486.4537
Kevin B. Even Attorney Muskegon 231-724-4336
Kate E. Flewelling Attorney Traverse City 231.486.4543
Eugene A. Franks Attorney Muskegon 231-724-4334
William H. Franks Attorney Grand Rapids 616.458.3215
Mark A. Gilchrist Attorney Grand Rapids 616.458.1477
Kristen E. Guinn Attorney Grand Rapids 616.458.9481
Jeffrey E. Gwillim Attorney Traverse City 231.486.4532
Scott D. Harvey Attorney Traverse City 231.486.4545
Jane C. Hofmeyer Attorney Grand Rapids 616.458.5388
Charissa C. Huang Attorney Grand Rapids 616.458.3443
Kevin M. Huss Attorney Muskegon 231-724-3214
Charles B. Judson Attorney Traverse City 231.929.4878
Joanna C. Kloet Of Counsel Traverse City 231.486.4515
Kirk W. Morgan Attorney Grand Rapids 616.458.3319
Robert W. Parker Attorney Traverse City 231.486.4504
Charles J. Pike Attorney Grand Rapids 616.458.5456
Anthony J. Quarto Attorney Grand Rapids 616.458.1336
Nicholas A. Reister Attorney Grand Rapids 616.458.8286
Jonathan J. Siebers Attorney Grand Rapids 616.458.5298
Jon D. Vander Ploeg Of Counsel Grand Rapids 616.458.1365
Timothy M. White, LL.M. Attorney Traverse City 231-486-4512
Jeffrey R. Wonacott Attorney Traverse City 231.486.4509

Smith Haughey Publications for Agricultural and Agribusiness Industry Team

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Newsletter 2/1/2014 Agribusiness Newsletter: Dividing the Farm, MI Equine Activity Liability Act & Farm Values
Legal Alert 8/15/2012 Agribusiness Law Update
Legal Alert 8/22/2011 Uncertainty Surrounds the Farmland and Open Space Preservation Act
Legal Alert 7/27/2011 Agribusiness Law Update
Legal Alert 2/15/2011 Agribusiness Law Update
Legal Alert 12/21/2010 Agribusiness Legal Alert
Legal Alert 11/15/2010 Agri-Business Update (November 2010)
Legal Alert 6/30/2010 Agribusiness Legal Alert (June 30, 2010)
Legal Alert 5/25/2010 Agri-Business Update (May 2010)
Legal Alert 2/19/2010 Agri-Business Update (February 2010)
Legal Alert 11/18/2009 Agri-Business Newsletter (November 2009)
Newsletter 9/28/2009 Legal Ease Fall 2009
Legal Alert 7/27/2009 Agribusiness (July 09)

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