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Practice Made Efficient

Client-centered. Service-oriented. Value-conscious.

Our efficiency is all about you.

Smith Haughey has been providing legal services to clients across Michigan and beyond since 1941. A lot has changed over the years, but one thing remains as true today as it was back then: We strive to deliver superior value through outstanding expertise and exceptional efficiency.

Specialized practice areas provide the most qualified and experienced counsel for a full range of legal matters. Industry teams deliver one-stop legal service for companies in Michigan’s leading business sectors. Strategically located offices facilitate coordinated statewide strategies. And alternative billing arrangements help alleviate the traditional unpredictability of legal costs. 

“Legal Ease”

We communicate in plain English rather than “legalese” to prevent misunderstandings and wasted effort. We get clients the right answers right when they need it because our attorneys answer their own phones (and typically don’t charge for calls less than 10 minutes long). We optimize all of our resources, from librarians to paralegals to online research tools, providing the most cost-effective legal services. These are just a few of the many ways we respect your time and money.

Put Smith Haughey on Your Side

We are solution-driven, collaborative, and pragmatic. Our attorneys don’t chase endless “what-if” scenarios, they take action and do what it takes to protect client interests. Sometimes what it takes is litigation – and clients can take comfort in our excellent courtroom reputation. From the beginning, our trial attorneys prioritize risks, design prudent options, and formulate adaptable approaches. This is never more evident than during complex, fluid, high-risk, time-sensitive situations. 

We Know Your Business

We offer more than legal expertise. Our attorneys get to know your business, on our dime. Many have academic degrees and practical experience in the industries they serve. So we know what keeps you up at night, where you need to focus your attention, and how exactly you make your money. All of which means we can serve you better.

We Know You

We enjoy establishing long-term, collaborative relationships with the individuals and families we represent. Whether providing comfort and a sense of control during a divorce, recovering compensation for a personal injury, or preserving the family cottage for future generations, we will be at your side every step of the way. We’ll keep you informed, protect your assets, and help you meet your personal goals.

It all adds up to a law firm that revolves around the needs of its clients, not vice versa. We are unexpectedly accommodating, uncommonly accessible, and always up for a challenge. We think you’ll agree – and invite you to contact us to discuss your needs.

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