Prospective Attorneys

“To be a good lawyer, you must first be a good person.” L. Roland Roegge

For more than 65 years, Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge has been a different kind of law firm—which makes sense, because we hire a different kind of lawyer. We hire lawyers who believe attorneys can be aggressive without being malicious. We hire lawyers who are practical. We hire lawyers who are dedicated to giving back. And we hire lawyers who are motivated by solving our client’s problems—as efficiently as possible.

To be successful at our firm, a lawyer must be comfortable working in an informal environment and have the initiative and imagination to create novel approaches to legal issues. We look for lawyers who are smart and academically and professionally accomplished, but other qualities are just as important. We value diverse backgrounds and experiences, intellectual curiosity, and loyalty. And did we mention that we value people who really enjoy their work and the people they work with?

While the firm emphasizes high quality performance, we also value the importance of having a fulfilling life outside of the practice of law. We take pride in promoting a work-life balance. We encourage this balance by providing for individual goals and plans, which allows each attorney to actively guide their own career—at their own pace.

Overall, we are most interested in the total contribution a lawyer can make to our firm. We are always looking for good people. Interested lawyers may send their cover letter and resume to our hiring coordinator, Barbara D. Wojcik.  Submissions will be held in the strictest confidence.


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