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Legal Alert 5/10/2017 Andrew J. Blodgett
Proposed Bill Would Eliminate Zoning Restrictions on Short-Term Rentals
Newsletter 4/19/2017 Carol D. Carlson
Cheryl L. Chandler
Jacqueline E. Clarke
Gary S. Eller
Christopher R. Genther
Nicole L. Hills
Brian J. Kilbane
Rose P. Kleff
John M. Kruis
Edward N. Lynch
Michael T. Miller
Kirk W. Morgan
John C. O'Loughlin
Paul M. Oleniczak
L. R. “Bud” Roegge
Jason R. Sebolt
Edward R. Stein
Paul Van Oostenburg
Holliann M. Willekes
Medical Malpractice and Health Law Newsletter: Upcoming Changes to Laws Regarding Physician's Assistants and Nurse Practictioners
Legal Alert 11/23/2016 Janis L. Adams
Lindsay J. Raymond
Federal Judge Delays Enforcement of New FLSA Regulations
Legal Alert 11/1/2016 Janis L. Adams
Lindsay J. Raymond
It’s Not Too Late: A One-Month Plan for Compliance with New FLSA Exempt Status Overtime Regulations
Legal Alert 8/31/2016 Timothy M. White, LL.M.
Missed the IRA Rollover Window? New Revenue Procedure May Save Stress and Money
Legal Alert 7/12/2016 Stephanie C. Hoffer
Order Issued in Greer v Advantage Health by Supreme Court
Legal Alert 5/19/2016 Janis L. Adams
Lindsay J. Raymond
New FLSA Overtime Rules Are Published: Salary Threshold Amount and Timetable for Compliance Different Than Expected
Legal Alert 4/1/2016 Janis L. Adams
Lindsay J. Raymond
New FLSA Overtime Rules Could Be Effective As Early As Mid-June 2016: Employers Should Take Steps to Prepare Now
Legal Alert 3/17/2016 Lindsay J. Raymond
FLSA Flapjack Flop: Michigan Pancake House to Pay $245K for Noncompliance
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