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Legal Alert 9/10/2014 Janis L. Adams
Kate E. Flewelling
IRS Publishes Draft Instructions for ACA Employer Mandate Tax Forms
Legal Alert 8/18/2014 Michael D. Shelton
Should You Rely On The IRS’ Thoughts Today When Planning For Your Spouse’s Future?
Legal Alert 7/17/2014 Janis L. Adams
Melissa L. Baumgartner
The EEOC Issues New Guidance Regarding Reasonable Accommodations Required for Pregnant Workers Under the PDA and ADA
Legal Alert 6/16/2014 Michael D. Shelton
Do Creditors Now Have Carte Blanche Access to Your Inherited IRA To Satisfy Debts?
Legal Alert 6/4/2014 Nicholas A. Reister
“Agents Beware”- IRS Sets New Trap
Legal Alert 5/29/2014 Melissa L. Baumgartner
Michigan Boosts Minimum Hourly Wage
Newsletter 5/27/2014 George F. Bearup
Eugene A. Franks
Jane C. Hofmeyer
Agribusiness Newsletter: EPA Proposes Changes & Keeping the Farm in the Family
Newsletter 3/18/2014 Sheila E. Eddy
Anders J. Gillis
Brian M. Pearson
Jonathan J. Siebers
Business & Real Estate Newsletter: Small Business, Forming Corporations & Intellectual Property
Legal Alert 2/12/2014 A. Joseph Engel
Stephanie C. Hoffer
Judicial Invasion into the Peer Review Privilege
Legal Alert 2/12/2014 Janis L. Adams
Kate E. Flewelling
Final Regulations for Employer Mandate Provisions of the Affordable Care Act Published
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