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Newsletter 11/19/2014 Melissa L. Baumgartner
George F. Bearup
Kevin M. Huss
Nicholas A. Reister
Elder Law and Estate Planning Newsletter: Real Estate IRAs, Gift Makers Beware and Do-It-Yourself Wills
Legal Alert 11/14/2014 Karrie A. Zeits
Court of Appeals confirms MCL 247.190 protects all public right of ways from adjacent property owner’s claims of title.
Newsletter 11/12/2014 William H. Franks
Nicholas A. Reister
Timothy M. White, LL.M.
Jeffrey R. Wonacott
Agribusiness Newsletter: Hobby Loss Rules, Business Procedures to Protect the Farm
Newsletter 11/1/2014 Stacy M. Kramer
Edward N. Lynch
Michael T. Miller
Christopher M. Spain
Medical Malpractice Newsletter: Greer v Advantage Health Physicians, Krusac v Covenant Healthcare
Legal Alert 10/28/2014 Timothy M. White, LL.M.
2015 Tax Update: Your Retirement Plan
Legal Alert 10/28/2014 Kevin M. Huss
New Property Tax “Uncapping” Exemptions Unveiled
Legal Alert 10/20/2014 Nicholas A. Reister
New Compliance Requirements Affect Producers’ Eligibility for Federal Crop Insurance Subsidies
Newsletter 10/2/2014 Kate E. Flewelling
Jane C. Hofmeyer
Kevin M. Huss
Nicholas H. Vander Veen
Business & Real Estate Law Newsletter: New Protected Class, Estate Planning & Cottage 1031
Legal Alert 9/26/2014 Janis L. Adams
Kate E. Flewelling
ACA Update: The Look-Back Measurement Method for Large Employers
Legal Alert 9/10/2014 Janis L. Adams
Kate E. Flewelling
IRS Publishes Draft Instructions for ACA Employer Mandate Tax Forms
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