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Legal Alert 11/23/2016 Janis L. Adams
Lindsay J. Raymond
Federal Judge Delays Enforcement of New FLSA Regulations
Legal Alert 11/1/2016 Janis L. Adams
Lindsay J. Raymond
It’s Not Too Late: A One-Month Plan for Compliance with New FLSA Exempt Status Overtime Regulations
Legal Alert 8/31/2016 Timothy M. White, LL.M.
Missed the IRA Rollover Window? New Revenue Procedure May Save Stress and Money
Legal Alert 7/12/2016 Stephanie C. Hoffer
Order Issued in Greer v Advantage Health by Supreme Court
Legal Alert 5/19/2016 Janis L. Adams
Lindsay J. Raymond
New FLSA Overtime Rules Are Published: Salary Threshold Amount and Timetable for Compliance Different Than Expected
Legal Alert 4/1/2016 Janis L. Adams
Lindsay J. Raymond
New FLSA Overtime Rules Could Be Effective As Early As Mid-June 2016: Employers Should Take Steps to Prepare Now
Legal Alert 3/17/2016 Lindsay J. Raymond
FLSA Flapjack Flop: Michigan Pancake House to Pay $245K for Noncompliance
Legal Alert 1/29/2016 Gabriel S. Marinaro
IRS Notice 2015-87: Additional Guidance on HRAs, ACA Reporting, Health FSA Carryovers and More
Legal Alert 12/29/2015 Gabriel S. Marinaro
IRS Extends Deadlines for 2015 ACA Reporting
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