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Legal Alert 7/2/2015 Michael D. Shelton
Estate Planning After Obergefell
Newsletter 5/1/2015 Scott M. Brookens
Gabriel S. Marinaro
Nicholas H. Vander Veen
Business & Real Estate Newsletter: Multiemployer Plan Liability, Quiet Titles and Seven Ways to Protect the Business
Legal Alert 4/30/2015 Megan M. VerMerris
Michigan Supreme Court Holds Facts Contained in Peer Review Incident Report are Privileged and Protected
Legal Alert 4/28/2015 Kevin M. Huss
No Escaping Estate Recovery Liens
Legal Alert 4/28/2015 Karrie A. Zeits
Recent Amendments to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act
Newsletter 4/1/2015 Kevin M. Huss
Rachael M. Roseman
Timothy M. White, LL.M.
Elder Law & Estate Planning Newsletter: Cottage Law, Funeral Planning and Taxes
Legal Alert 2/18/2015 Karrie A. Zeits
It's That Time Again: Real Property Tax
Newsletter 2/18/2015 Stephen C. Chambers
Nicholas A. Reister
Michael D. Shelton
Agribusiness Newsletter: Taxes and Oil and Gas Leases
Legal Alert 2/16/2015 Michele M. Giordano
Child Custody Act
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