Protecting Your Legacy: Estate Planning for Creatives and Their Loved Ones

If you’re a photographer, author, musician, visual artist, or software coder, chances are you know a little bit about copyright law. You’re probably aware that, as a copyright holder, you have a bundle of exclusive rights at your disposal, including the right to make copies of the work, make new works based upon the original (derivative works), sel…

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Business & Real Estate Newsletter: Multiemployer Plan Liability, Quiet Titles and Seven Ways to Protect the Business

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Michigan Supreme Court Holds Facts Contained in Peer Review Incident Report are Privileged and Protected

The Michigan Supreme Court has issued its eagerly-awaited written opinion in the Krusac v. Covenant Medical Center matter. In Krusac, the trial court ordered the production of the objective facts contained in a hospital incident report in reliance on the Harrison v. Munson decision, which held in part that the peer review privilege does not protect…

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No Escaping Estate Recovery Liens

The Court of Appeals recently published a key decision In re Estate of Keyes, which has a profound impact on individuals who currently receive Medicaid benefits. The Keyes case found that the Department of Community Health (DCH) can recover Medicaid benefits from the estate of a Medicaid recipient under Michigan’s estate recovery program, even thou…

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Who's On Your Team: Attorney

Today we wrap up our series on how to properly recruit a strong team of professional advisors to support your business as it grows. To start, we talked about the importance of having a solid accountant on your team that can help keep your business’s financial statements and tax returns looking healthy and strong. Next we discussed how an experience…

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