National Estate Planning Awareness Week

In 2008 Congress passed a resolution to declare the third week in October for Estate Planning Awareness. The goal is to spread information to the public about the importance and the impact of having an estate plan and the consequences of not having one.

As a resident of the U.S., you have the right to dictate what happens to your estate upon your d…

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Legal Alert: I Say a Little Prayer

Aretha Franklin's Estate Plan

Aretha Franklin died on August 16, 2018, and there is much buzz about the Queen of Soul’s lack of an estate plan. Her estate is rumored to be worth roughly $80 million and possibly more depending on the value of her song catalog. Probate court filings and reports from her inner circle indicate that she died without ever having prepared a will or tr…

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Ending the Trend: Lessons from #MeToo

This past week, through the “#metoo” campaign, countless women have revealed that they have been the victims of sexual harassment or sexual assault during their lives. Without a doubt, some of these incidents have occurred within the workplace. The sheer volume of stories shared highlights that sexual harassment in the workplace is a persistent and…

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Watch Yourself Entrepreneur...

...the SEC Eats Punks Like You for Breakfast

As a corporate and business law attorney, whether I’m working with a client that is completely new to the business realm (like a first-time entrepreneur) or a client who owns a massively successful company, one thing seems to be consistent across the board: entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes often do not really understand (or care about) securit…

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A Brief Guide to the Michigan Court System

When people or companies disagree, they are often left with no choice but to go to court and litigate their disputes. Litigation, the process of navigating a dispute through the court system, can often be a bit of a mystery to non-attorneys and even attorneys who do not litigate as part of their practice. Our favorite courtroom dramas and movies gi…

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